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The story of Israel’s escape from Egypt and journeying through the desert is foundational to the Christian faith. These events hold rich lessons for us as we journey through the wilderness of this life. The book of Exodus also tells the story of Moses receiving the Law. We explore why and how the Law of Moses is relevant for Christians today and what it reveals about the heart of God. In Exodus, we are also given the details of the tabernacle, the portable tent which was the center of Israel’s community and worship. We find hidden treasures in the details of the tabernacle, pointing us to God’s future plan for His Church and Heaven itself. Notes are provided for each lesson in this forty-one-part series for self-study, reflection, and as a resource to teach others.

I Will Harden His Heart (Exodus 4)

Moses is reluctant to accept the great mission to lead his people out of Egypt, and raises several objections. The Lord provides him with three miraculous signs, which one early Christian writer saw as foreshadowing the gospel story. Moses then claims he is not a good speaker. While many today consider this an excuse, early […]

I Will Harden His Heart (Exodus 4) View Lesson

The Final Plague: the Death of the Firstborn (Passover) (Exodus 11:1-13:16)

We have come to the final and most devastating plague of all: death of the firstborn sons. This strikes every household in Egypt: from mighty Pharaoh to the lowliest servant, and even their livestock. The Jews are given detailed instructions regarding what they must do to be spared. Each household must sacrifice an unblemished lamb, […]

The Final Plague: the Death of the Firstborn (Passover) (Exodus 11:1-13:16) View Lesson

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