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As a church, most of our teaching is expository, meaning we go through a text in the Bible, normally a whole book, and examine it chapter by chapter and verse by verse. The lessons below are different. For these, we start with a topic and look throughout the Bible to see what God has revealed to us through His Scriptures about it. In addition to these topical lessons, we have also tagged the key topics that are discussed in our expository lessons. To find lessons (either topical or expository) that address a specific topic, click here.

Image credit: 1 Chronicles 4:39 © Annie Vallotton


Throughout Scripture, significant events took place at Bethlehem. As we remember the details of our Lord's birth, we see how this event was foretold in various times, places and events that took place centuries before. May this give us even more reason to rejoice and stand in awe at the birth of our Savior! Teaching

Bethlehem View Lesson

Bethlehem View Lesson

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