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As a church, most of our teaching is expository, meaning we go through a text in the Bible, normally a whole book, and examine it chapter by chapter and verse by verse. The lessons below are different. For these, we start with a topic and look throughout the Bible to see what God has revealed to us through His Scriptures about it. In addition to these topical lessons, we have also tagged the key topics that are discussed in our expository lessons. To find lessons (either topical or expository) that address a specific topic, click here.

Image credit: 1 Chronicles 4:39 © Annie Vallotton

Suffering Abuse from Church Leaders

Tragically, many Christians have suffered under corrupt church leaders. Why do things like this happen? How do we respond and move on from such experiences without losing our faith or becoming bitter? This lesson strives to answer these questions, and to equip us to help others recovering from abuse at the hands of other Christians. Teaching Notes […]

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Sexual Purity and Pornography

Sexual temptation has been a favorite strategy of Satan to destroy God’s people through the ages. In exchange for a little short-term pleasure of the flesh, this road leads to spiritual enslavement and death. In our time, the internet has made pornography so easily accessible that many believers, especially men, have become enslaved to this […]

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On the Angels

Angels are described in the New Testament as “ministering spirits” sent to help “those who will inherit salvation. Yet most Christians today know very little about the angels and their ministry. In this message we explore the history and nature of angels, how they have assisted God’s people throughout the ages and how they can […]

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The Kingdom and the Church

Jesus said that "the gospel of the kingdom" would be preached to all nations before He returns. He taught a great deal about the kingdom of God in His parables, but also described it as a mystery. In this wide-ranging study we wrestle with foundational questions, such as: What is the kingdom? Is it the same […]

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Plundering the Strong Man's House, Pt. 2

This lesson, the second of a two-part series on evangelism, provides practical insights on evangelism based on decades of one person in a very evangelistic, church-planting movement that emphasized repentance, commitment, and discipleship. This lesson is part of a series offered by Strength to Strength, a group committed to advancing Jesus’ kingdom by tackling thought-provoking […]

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The Use of Money

Jesus had important things to say about how we use our money. In this lesson we look at the Parable of the Unjust Steward, a parable Jesus told to the Pharisees who "were lovers of money". With the help of a sermon given by John Wesley in the 1700s and insights from early Christian writers, […]

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The Resurrection of Jesus (Easter 2021)

The entire Christian faith is based on the resurrection of Jesus from the grave on the third day. Either it happened or it did not. From the beginning, there were two competing explanations for the empty tomb, with each claiming a conspiracy by the other side. In evaluating the competing claims, we consider the powerful, logical argument made by early Christian writer Eusebius. We close by looking at implications of the resurrection: our hope of victory over death, and a demonstration of the incredible power of the Spirit.

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