About This Site

We hope you will find your time on our teaching website encouraging, life-changing, and productive. Here are things we are passionate about and reasons why this site exists:    

  • We love the Bible and see all of it (including the Old Testament) as extremely useful and practical to assist us on our own spiritual journeys. 
  • We love expository teaching. This helps us to avoid the danger of taking passages out of context, or cherry-picking selected verses to back up our group's agenda or biases. A steady diet of good expository teaching addresses a much wider range of subjects, shows us how the entire Bible fits together, strengthens our faith, and helps us to become more skilled at reading the Bible and mining the text on our own.
  • We want to become skilled at proving the faith to unbelievers just as the apostles did: by mastering the evidence of the fulfilled Old Testament prophecies.
  • We want to restore and preserve the original faith handed down by the apostles, rather than propagate the views or agenda of any particular denomination. In seeking the historic faith, we consider the insights of early Christian writers who actually spoke ancient Greek, and in some cases even knew the apostles or were only one or two generations removed from them.
  • We are building an archive of solid Bible teaching to help Christians eager to learn, as well as to train up the next generation of skilled Bible teachers and preachers. Most of the audio lessons posted on this site are accompanied by written notes so that those who listen can study these things out thoroughly on their own, and (if desired) to teach these things to others. We have heard of Christians who have used the notes to translate these lessons into other languages, to spread the teaching even further!
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