Chuck Pike

Since Chuck has provided the bulk of the teaching on this site, we thought it might be helpful to share a few things about him!


Chuck is a semi-retired civil/environmental engineer who is passionate about the Word of God. He has been teaching the Bible for several decades in North America, Europe, the Middle East and online. Chuck and his wife Alison have lived in the Boston area for many years, where they have attended churches with roots in the Stone-Campbell Restoration Movement. They have two children and a growing number of grandchildren.

Bible Student

As a young man, Chuck was profoundly impacted by the practical importance of the Old Testament for understanding and living the Christian life. He therefore decided at an early age to devote a significant portion of his life to studying and teaching the Old Testament to Christians. Through the influence of David Bercot, Chuck was introduced to the writings of the early Christians (c. 100-325 AD), which led to profound shifts in his understanding of many passages of Scripture. While Chuck is not opposed to formal seminary-type training, his own path is instead characterized by personal study and a skeptical mind.

Spiritual Background and Journey

Chuck was raised Roman Catholic in New Jersey. While he did not have a particularly negative experience in the Catholic church, as a young man he reached a point where he was simply unsure about his faith. Therefore, he was agnostic for a period of time. In his late twenties, Chuck studied the Scriptures intently, embraced the Christian faith, and was baptized as an adult. After many years of active involvement in the teaching ministry of a large church in the Boston area, Chuck and some friends launched a house church known as ‘a church of Christ in Woburn’, a group which Chuck currently co-leads with his good friend, David Adams. In addition to guest teaching at various churches and groups, Chuck also has online Bible courses with The Historic Faith project, affiliated with Scroll Publishing.

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