The Final Plague: the Death of the Firstborn (Passover) (Exodus 11:1-13:16)

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We have come to the final and most devastating plague of all: death of the firstborn sons. This strikes every household in Egypt: from mighty Pharaoh to the lowliest servant, and even their livestock. The Jews are given detailed instructions regarding what they must do to be spared. Each household must sacrifice an unblemished lamb, place its blood on the door frame of the house where they eat its roasted flesh, and then remove all yeast for the next seven days. This story provides one of the most detailed prophecies in all of Scripture regarding the passion and death of Jesus Christ 1400 years later. May this story inspire our confidence in the Scriptures, convict us to deal with sin in the church, and equip us to lead others to faith.

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The Final Plague: the Death of the Firstborn (Passover) (Exodus 11:1-13:16) - Lesson Outline (PDF)

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