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The Old Testament is the story of the Old Covenant (“testament” means “covenant”) between God and his people. At the same time, the Old Testament foretells the coming of a new covenant and a coming prophet, priest, and king. For many reasons, a solid understanding of the Old Testament is crucial for understanding the New Testament. If you have found the Old Testament confusing, irrelevant, or boring, or if you desire to take your understanding of the Old Testament to a new level, we recommend you start with the first lesson in our Genesis series, Introduction to the O.T., Pt. 1 – Why Study the Old Testament?

Lessons from the Book of Esther

The story of Esther has many lessons to encourage us in times of adversity, to inspire our faithfulness, courage, and love, and to give us hope in God's great power to accomplish His will.  This lesson covers the entire story of Esther, looking at the characters of Mordecai, Esther, and Haman and what we can […]

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The Creation (Genesis 1)

Genesis 1 covers the creation of the world. The chapter raises many significant questions: What does the creation account reveal about who God is?  How should we understand the creation of the world? What is reasonable?    Why do so many smart people reject God as the Creator of the universe? How did Paul argue […]

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