Set Apart for the Lord (Exodus 30)

God gives Moses the special formula for the anointing oil and sacred incense, both of which are holy to the Lord. In this account we find a practical illustration of what it means for something (or someone) to be holy: to be set apart for God. In connection with that we look at other inspiring passages about the way […]

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The Anointed One (Exodus 29)

The Lord tells Moses of three extraordinary procedures to ordain the high priest and other priests, all of which point to different aspects of Jesus Christ. One of them is that Aaron, the first high priest, is to be anointed with oil. This act points to the meaning of the term Christ or Messiah (a […]

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You are Gods (John 10:31-42)

When Jesus states that He and the Father are one, his Jewish hearers want to stone Him for blasphemy. Jesus defends Himself by pointing to an obscure passage in Psalm 82 where God tells people, "you are gods." Then Jesus challenges his hearers, "…and the Scripture cannot be broken." In this lesson we explore the […]

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The Temple of God

[Our apologies! We forgot to hit the record button today. Attached are the notes from our study.  May they serve as a starting point for your study on the Temple of God!] In the book of 2 Samuel, God tells David that from David's seed will come a king who would build a house for God's […]

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