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The Firstborn of God (Numbers 3-6)

The Levites were to be set apart as ‘the Lord’s firstborn’. In this lesson we explore the significance of that special position throughout the Scriptures, including in the original Passover account, as embodied in Jesus Himself, and now for Christians, as members of “the church of the firstborn”. This provides a beautiful picture highlighting what […]

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No Complaining (Numbers 10-11)

On Israel's journey to the Promised Land, God destroyed many of His people for the sin of complaining. This is a sin that God takes much more seriously than most Christians. May this lesson help us eradicate complaining from our lives, as we await our eternal reward and focus on Him who is invisible!  Teaching […]

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Korah's Rebellion (Numbers 16-17)

There are few more graphic scenes in Scripture than God punishing Korah and his cohort for their rebellion. Sadly, this story has been used by some to advance a controlling agenda. Yet God wanted His people to remember this important lesson, referred to by Jude over a thousand years later to warn the New Testament […]

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Striking the Rock (Numbers 20:1-13)

God forbids Moses from entering the Promised Land, for the sin of striking a rock. Why such a severe punishment, especially considering that Moses had been commanded to strike it on an earlier occasion? With the help of the apostle Paul and some early Christian writers, we discover a remarkable foreshadowing of Christ and a practical […]

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