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In this short book, John covers lots of ground. These lessons are extremely practical and address dealing with sin in our lives, not loving the world, confession, walking as Jesus walked, the bodily resurrection, fearing God, the love of God, loving one another, Jesus being the only way to eternal life, and our prayers being answered. Notes are provided for each lesson in this eleven-part series for self-study, reflection, and as a resource to teach others.

Walk In the Light (1 John 1)

John opens his first letter by reminding his readers that the apostles had seen and touched Jesus, in the flesh. The truth of the bodily resurrection of Jesus, the foundation of our faith, makes it impossible to relegate Jesus to simply one of many good teachers. John then reminds us that we must deal with […]

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Walk as He Walked (1 John 2:1-14)

John says that the sign that we know Jesus is that we obey His commandments. Let’s face it, many professing Christians have no intention of obeying many of the things Jesus taught! Meanwhile, others try to enforce obedience by reducing the Christian faith to following a list of rules. Instead, John calls us to much […]

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God is Love (1 John 4:1-16)

John makes the famous statement: "God is love." In this lesson we explore the loving nature of God as revealed throughout the Scriptures. Many struggle with seeing God as a loving, merciful and compassionate Father. Having a clear picture of the nature and character of God will transform how we handle trials in this life, […]

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