Psalm 95: Do Not Harden Your Heart

One of the greatest challenges for Christians is to not harden our hearts when we face challenges and suffering. The Hebrews writer points back to this psalm and the lessons from Israel’s time in the Wilderness, to teach us important lessons about spiritual perseverance. In this message we explore the characteristics of a soft heart, […]

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Unacceptable Offerings (Leviticus 22)

The offerings of the Levitical priests foreshadow our own service to God, as indicated throughout the New Testament. Therefore, God’s instruction in Leviticus regarding what was an “acceptable offering" can help unlock wonderful insights that apply to us today. This instruction points to significant aspects of baptism, confessing sin, and the Lord’s Supper. Perhaps the […]

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Issues from the Body (Leviticus 15)

(Caution: This may not be suitable for children. Parental discretion is advised). This chapter addresses the uncomfortable subject of various fluids being discharged from the body of a man or woman, that would thereby render the person unclean. We explore what a key term used might be referring to, and how this passage provides a […]

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