The Resurrection of Jesus (Easter 2021)

The entire Christian faith is based on the resurrection of Jesus from the grave on the third day. Either it happened or it did not. From the beginning, there were two competing explanations for the empty tomb, with each claiming a conspiracy by the other side. In evaluating the competing claims, we consider the powerful, logical argument made by early Christian writer Eusebius. We close by looking at implications of the resurrection: our hope of victory over death, and a demonstration of the incredible power of the Spirit.

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The Resurrection of Jesus (John 20)

The Jews, Christians and Romans all agreed that Jesus died on a cross, was buried, and His body went missing. After that, the stories change dramatically. Who was telling the truth? Who was lying? The resurrection of Jesus either happened, or it did not. This lesson examines the evidence of the eyewitness testimony of the […]

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