free will & predestination

The People Give Freely (Exodus 35:1-36:7)

Thus far it seems we have seen in the Israelite nation nothing but faithlessness and sins, including disobedience, idolatry, revelry, ingratitude and complaining. Happily, in the current passage we finally see the people doing something praiseworthy! When Moses issues a request, the people contribute freely and generously toward the construction of the tabernacle. We use […]

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I Will Harden His Heart (Exodus 4)

Moses is reluctant to accept the great mission to lead his people out of Egypt, and raises several objections. The Lord provides him with three miraculous signs, which one early Christian writer saw as foreshadowing the gospel story. Moses then claims he is not a good speaker. While many today consider this an excuse, early […]

I Will Harden His Heart (Exodus 4) View Lesson

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