Paul Preaches in Rome (Acts 27-28)

Sailing from Caesarea to Rome, Paul and Luke experience a violent storm, a deadly snake, a shipwreck and a miraculous deliverance. Through chains and affliction, Paul boldly proclaims the gospel of the Kingdom of God. As we conclude our study in Acts, may we be inspired by Paul's unshakeable faith in the inspiration of Scriptures. […]

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Plundering the Strong Man's House, Pt. 2

This lesson, the second of a two-part series on evangelism, provides practical insights on evangelism based on decades of one person in a very evangelistic, church-planting movement that emphasized repentance, commitment, and discipleship. This lesson is part of a series offered by Strength to Strength, a group committed to advancing Jesus’ kingdom by tackling thought-provoking […]

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Twelve Precious Stones (Exodus 28)

Since the high priest of the tabernacle represents Christ (from Hebrews 8-10) his attire takes on greater significance for us. In this lesson we look at that special clothing, particularly the spectacular breastplate which featured twelve unique gemstones on its front panel. Early Christian writer Tertullian pointed to this as one of several Old Testament […]

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