Noah & the Flood, Part 3: The Aftermath (Gen. 9:1-17)

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In this lesson, we look at the aftermath of the flood, commands God gives to his people (including the prohibition of eating/drinking blood), the rainbow covenant he gives to Noah, and what these mean for us today. We also look at what Peter has to say about the flood. In 1 Peter 3:18-22, Peter calls baptism "an antitype" of the waters through which Noah and his family were saved in the ark. What does this mean? What does the flood teach us about baptism? And how do Peter's words fit with Jesus and Paul's teaching on baptism and the role baptism plays in our salvation? 

For further study: 

What the Early Christians Believed About Baptism (David Bercot)

Teaching Notes

Noah & the Flood, Part 3: The Aftermath (Gen. 9:1-17) - Lesson Outline (PDF)

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