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As a church, most of our teaching is expository, meaning we go through a text in the Bible, normally a whole book, and examine it chapter by chapter and verse by verse. The lessons below are different. For these, we start with a topic and look throughout the Bible to see what God has revealed to us through His Scriptures about it. In addition to these topical lessons, we have also tagged the key topics that are discussed in our expository lessons. To find lessons (either topical or expository) that address a specific topic, click here.

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On the Birth of Jesus

In this message we tackle questions that have been raised throughout the ages related to the birth of Jesus, drawing on insights from early Christian writers. When the angel Gabriel spoke with Mary in Luke 1, what was the prophecy he alluded to (not footnoted in most Bibles)? How do the two different nativity accounts […]

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Moses' Friendship with God

On his spiritual journey, Moses developed a very special friendship with God. At the end of His ministry, Jesus clearly communicated His desire for friendship with those who would follow Him. In this lesson, we glean lessons from Moses' friendship with God, that we may experience the blessings that flow from such a remarkable relationship. […]

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The Bible Jesus Read

This class was recorded for Strength to Strength.  Visit their site for a full summary of the class, referenced resources, and other great talks.   Join Chuck Pike as he illustrates Jesus’ and the apostles’ frequent use of a different Old Testament text than the one most English Bibles are translated from today. If you’ve heard […]

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Theophanies in the Old Testament

*This lesson was taught on November 6, 2022* Most Christians understand that the Son of God, the Word of God, was involved in the Creation of all things "in the beginning and His incarnation when He was born to the virgin Mary in Bethlehem. However, what was He doing between those two points in time? […]

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God's Expectations of His Shepherds

As Paul planted churches, he placed significant importance on appointing elders (aka shepherds or bishops) as church leaders. What does God desire and require of His shepherds? What should the life, character, and faith of a New Testament elder look like? What are God's expectations for every Christian who follows the Good Shepherd?  In this […]

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Suffering Abuse from Church Leaders

Tragically, many Christians have suffered under corrupt church leaders. Why do things like this happen? How do we respond and move on from such experiences without losing our faith or becoming bitter? This lesson strives to answer these questions, and to equip us to help others recovering from abuse at the hands of other Christians. Teaching Notes […]

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Sexual Purity and Pornography

Sexual temptation has been a favorite strategy of Satan to destroy God’s people through the ages. In exchange for a little short-term pleasure of the flesh, this road leads to spiritual enslavement and death. In our time, the internet has made pornography so easily accessible that many believers, especially men, have become enslaved to this […]

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On the Angels

Angels are described in the New Testament as “ministering spirits” sent to help “those who will inherit salvation. Yet most Christians today know very little about the angels and their ministry. In this message we explore the history and nature of angels, how they have assisted God’s people throughout the ages and how they can […]

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