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On this page are some of the lessons that have significantly shaped our understanding of Jesus and the Kingdom of God. These lessons include challenging and often ignored teachings in Scripture. May these bless your lives as they have ours. (These lessons are not in any particular order.)

The Kingdom and the Church

Jesus said that "the gospel of the kingdom" would be preached to all nations before He returns. He taught a great deal about the kingdom of God in His parables, but also described it as a mystery. In this wide-ranging study we wrestle with foundational questions, such as: What is the kingdom? Is it the same […]

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On the Angels

Angels are described in the New Testament as “ministering spirits” sent to help “those who will inherit salvation. Yet most Christians today know very little about the angels and their ministry. In this message we explore the history and nature of angels, how they have assisted God’s people throughout the ages and how they can […]

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Sexual Purity and Pornography

Sexual temptation has been a favorite strategy of Satan to destroy God’s people through the ages. In exchange for a little short-term pleasure of the flesh, this road leads to spiritual enslavement and death. In our time, the internet has made pornography so easily accessible that many believers, especially men, have become enslaved to this […]

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