The Firstborn of God (Numbers 3-6)

The Levites were to be set apart as ‘the Lord’s firstborn’. In this lesson we explore the significance of that special position throughout the Scriptures, including in the original Passover account, as embodied in Jesus Himself, and now for Christians, as members of “the church of the firstborn”. This provides a beautiful picture highlighting what […]

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Psalm 95: Do Not Harden Your Heart

One of the greatest challenges for Christians is to not harden our hearts when we face challenges and suffering. The Hebrews writer points back to this psalm and the lessons from Israel’s time in the Wilderness, to teach us important lessons about spiritual perseverance. In this message we explore the characteristics of a soft heart, […]

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Spiritual Warfare in Ephesus (Acts 19)

Here Paul encounters a group of believers who knew only the baptism of John the Baptist. With insights from an early Christian writer, we explore the purpose and limitations of John’s baptism. The word spreads from Ephesus throughout the region, bearing fruit and creating conflict. Many publicly burn their very expensive collections of occult scrolls, […]

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