Redeemed (Leviticus 25-27)

In the final lesson of this series, we find beautiful images of God's kindness hidden within the details of the Sabbath rest for the land, the Year of Jubilee, and instructions for redeeming one's property or enslaved relatives. We also encounter a concise, one-chapter summary of most of the Old Testament history that will follow. […]

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Unacceptable Offerings (Leviticus 22)

The offerings of the Levitical priests foreshadow our own service to God, as indicated throughout the New Testament. Therefore, God’s instruction in Leviticus regarding what was an “acceptable offering" can help unlock wonderful insights that apply to us today. This instruction points to significant aspects of baptism, confessing sin, and the Lord’s Supper. Perhaps the […]

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Suffering Well (1 Peter 4:1-11)

Suffering as a Christian has been the overarching theme of this letter of Peter. Here Peter addresses the personal, internal suffering that comes from denying our own desires for sins of the flesh. Then he calls us to devote ourselves to four things: being watchful in prayer, having fervent love for one another, being hospitable, […]

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