The Book of Hebrews in One Lesson

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One of the most valuable benefits of diligent Old Testament study is how this brings New Testament teaching to life.  Such is the case with the book of Hebrews, illuminated by the Old Testament books of Exodus and Leviticus.  We now take a short break from our study through Leviticus to reap our reward!  Once we grasp the significance of the priests, the High Priest, various sacrifices, blood, and the Day of Atonement, then the message of Hebrews becomes clear.  In this lesson, we review the entire book of Hebrews, including its structure and Old Testament references.  Once you see how these fit together, you may see Jesus as you have not seen him before.  You may also decide Hebrews is one of the most important New Testament books to help us remain faithful until the end!

Teaching Notes

Hebrews in One Lesson - Lesson Notes

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