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These lessons were taught at a weekend retreat in June 2017. There were Christians from a number of different backgrounds (including Anabaptist, Restoration Movement, and evangelical Protestant). While a diverse group, all those present shared the desire of putting into practice all the teachings of Jesus. This weekend began with the idea of getting a few families together, but took on a life of its own and grew into a gathering of over 100 people from across the country!  We hope that God will use our time together to build greater unity in His kingdom and to encourage each of us as followers of Jesus.

Biblical Unity

Why is Biblical unity so difficult?  Why do so many churches end up splitting apart, even churches comprised of Christians serious about following Jesus' teachings? This sad pattern is in stark contrast to early Christianity, where the church remained one for the first 200 years.  Drawing on Scripture, examples from the early church, and his […]

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