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It is our practice to alternate our expository teaching between Old and New Testament books. After our study of 2 Peter and before we started our study of Leviticus, we decided to dig into several of the Psalms. We hope you find these studies to be as encouraging, practical, and challenging as we did. We will return to the Psalms periodically. Notes are provided in each lesson for self-study, reflection, and as a resource to teach others.

Psalm 110 - Three Riddles

Psalm 110 is quoted or alluded to at least twenty times in the New Testament. Why was this Psalm so important to Jesus and the New Testament writers? We attempt to unlock three riddles in this Psalm that confounded the Jews, yet help us understand the Christ's identity, His coming rule, and our ultimate victory […]

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Psalm 91 - Trampling Snakes

In Psalm 91, David speaks of one who will face frightening things. In the midst of evil, this person will find protection in God and trample the lion, dragon and snake. Ironically, Satan uses this psalm to tempt Jesus into sin. Yet the wisdom in Psalm 91, and the example of our Lord, prepares us […]

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