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In this series, we go deep: fifty-five lessons in all. The Apostle John, one of Jesus’ closest friends, wrote his Gospel near the end of his life and after the other Gospels had been written. He wrote not as a correction to the earlier Gospels, but to include material and details of Jesus’ life that had received less attention or had not been included at all. The breadth and depth of John’s Gospel are astounding. We hope you will find much here to fill in your own understanding of God, his Christ, the Holy Spirit, and much, much more. These lessons are also extremely practical, touching on some of the most important aspects of our Christian faith and daily walk. Notes are provided in each lesson for self-study, reflection, and as a resource to teach others.

More on the Divinity of Christ; 3 Questions for John the Baptist (John 1:19-28, Pt. A)

As we continue in the first chapter of John, we continue our deep dive into the identity of Christ, his divinity, and his appearances in the Old Testament. We are also introduced to John the Baptist, an important character in the beginning of all four Gospels. John was asked three questions: are you the Christ, […]

More on the Divinity of Christ; 3 Questions for John the Baptist (John 1:19-28, Pt. A) View Lesson

Signs and Wonders (John 4:46-5:17)

In John 4 and 5, and throughout the New Testament, we read about Jesus, the apostles and others performing miracles, healings, and signs.  These can easily be passed over and dismissed.  Yet, why did Jesus (and others) perform miracles and signs?  What are we to learn from these miracles?  If someone were to work signs […]

Signs and Wonders (John 4:46-5:17) View Lesson

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